Let's focus on the abilities and celebrate this
'International Day of Disabilities'

Charger Challenge

Get a team of 4 together to race the Canberra Chargers Wheelchair Basketball team around the lake.

Challenge Details

The Challenge will consist of 4 teams of 4 competing against a team of 4 Chargers.

Each member of your team will have a racing wheelchair provided by the Canberra Chargers Wheelchair Basketball team that they must wheel around the lake. There will be penalties for getting out of your chair on the way arounnd the lake.

The winning team will be the first team of 4 to get all of their wheelchairs and team members past the finish line

There is a limit of 32 tickets available for the race. The race will be divided in two heats. More tickets may become available depending on demand.

Team tickets must be purchased together in the one transaction.